Following the recent public diesel scandals, Volkswagen in particular, there has been a public backlash against diesel. For example the city of London is now thinking of charging diesel vehicle owners 20 pounds to enter the city each day.

The main issue with diesel is nitrous oxide which causes petrochemical smog and acid rain. Nitrous oxide is formed in a diesel engine as a result of the high temperature. In Asia, some polluted cities are closed down for days at a time. Environmental regulations are getting ever stricter and clean burning fuel is now becoming a hot topic. has a solution to clean-burn diesel: Our Fuel Pro ICE causes the engine to burn fuel at a lower temperature than conventional diesel engines by mixing the fuel with hydrogen to produce harmless emissions, such as water vapor, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. We can even significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the engine by opting to use methanol in the reformer instead of diesel or petrol.

Whilst environmentalists will be pleased to hear that smog causing particles are eliminated, business owners will be more interested to hear that fuel economy is also increased 25 to 40%, which is a significant cost saving if your generators run constantly, and because of the clean burning diesel, there is no need to purchase (very expensive) catalytic converters. Attach our 100 kilo reformer to your engines and you will not require these expensive add-ons.

The Fuel Pro ICE is a win-win on so many fronts. Contact us for more information or purchasing one today: