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Our systems are highly efficient

Reforming of gasoline, diesel and natural gas >90%

Reforming of methanol and ethanol >94%

Technological Advantages

  • We use a few techniques that give us a lead. For example we make our own proprietary catalyst. Whilst other steam reformers use a platinum, copper or nickel based catalysts we have based our catalyst on another element. Systems using other catalysts suffer from catalyst toxicity. the Fuel Pro experiences no such issues.
  • We use the catalyst in such a way as to obtain maximum efficiency.
  • Our 35 minute warm up time is significantly faster than other systems which can range up to several hours. Once deactivated the system will stay warm for at least half an hour.
  • The Fuel Pro needs external power only during warm up which makes the overall efficiency of the system much more efficient. We also reuse water in the system meaning only a few litres are needed per day.

Choice of Fuel

  • Each Fuel Pro has to be built for a specific fuel. Methanol is a good choice as it has the lowest carbon footprint, is widely available and is inexpensive. However a Fuel Pro can be made to run on any fuel.