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If you need the purest hydrogen for fuel cells you need the Fuel pro CELL ™

  • fuel pro cell
    No hydrogen delivery to site: No need to pressurize hydrogen
  • fuel pro cell
    No hydrogen tanks – low weight
  • fuel pro cell
    Highly efficient extraction of hydrogen from fuel (90% – 94%)
fuel pro cell
  • fuel pro cell
    No storage required. Plug the reformate directly into the fuel cells or wherever hydrogen is needed.
  • fuel pro cell
    Never run out of hydrogen so long as you have a local fuel supply
  • fuel pro cell
    VERY low carbon footprint when used with Methane or methanol

The Fuel Pro CELL ™ changes everything about how we think of hydrogen fuel.Until today hydrogen has been produced off-site, in a factory or in a biofuel facility. Then it is pressurized(500-700 bars) into heavy bottles and delivered to the location where it will be used. These limitations really put the brakes on hydrogen as a useful fuel:

  • The bottles make it too heavy to be used in vehicles
  • Transport to site costs money
  • The hydrogen is often consumed far from where it is produced
  • Poor order management could mean running out of fuel without local supply for quick replacement

The Fuel Pro CELL ™ changes the competitive landscape. Now you can produce up to 18 kilowatts of hydrogen on demand wherever you like. All you need is an initial source of electricity to start the Fuel Pro CELL ™ , water, and the fuel of your choice (methane, ethanol,methanol, diesel or petrol).


The Fuel Pro ICE ™ can be used for stationary applications. Because generates a constant stream of hydrogen it is suitable for uses where constant fuel consumption is required. Typical applications include remote production of electricity using fuel cells, or hydrogen production for use in manufacturing steel or chemicals.

NOTE: Because fuel cells don’t work at greater than 40% efficiency, it can be more cost efficient to produce electricity using the Fuel Pro ICE™ but this is only of use when generator noise is not an issue. 


The Fuel Pro CELL ™ can consume up to 5.5 litres of methanol per hour, although other fuels can be used. This results in sufficient hydrogen to produce 18 kilowatts of power.


Size (mm) LxHxW : 1200 x 760 x 500 , Weight(Kg) : 120


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