The Fuel Pro ICE- No NOx Emissions

Following the recent public diesel scandals, Volkswagen in particular, there has been a public backlash against diesel. For example the city of London is now thinking of charging diesel vehicle owners 20 pounds to enter the city each day.

The main issue with diesel is nitrous oxide which causes petrochemical smog and acid rain. Nitrous oxide is formed in a diesel engine as a result of the high temperature. In Asia, some polluted cities are closed down for days at a time. Environmental regulations are getting ever stricter and clean burning fuel is now becoming a hot topic.

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Licensing Of Our Reformer Technology is a supplier of a novel hydrogen reforming technology which is based on an unique catalytic composition. Our catalyst consist of 80% active components, while the conventional catalysts contain 5%-20% active substance. Our catalysts are stable and do not age in storage.

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Fuel Pro CELL

The Fuel Pro CELL ™ changes the competitive landscape. Now you can produce up to 18 kilowatts of hydrogen on demand wherever you like. All you need is an initial source of electricity to start the Fuel Pro CELL ™ , water, and the fuel of your choice (methane, ethanol,methanol, diesel or petrol).

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We would like to introduce introduce mining companies to the Fuel Pro ICE.
Off Grid mines burn very large quantities of diesel. Barrick, Newmont, AngloGold, Goldfields and GoldCorp burned over 650
million gallons of diesel in 2016 alone. That is 25-30 gallons of fuel per ounce of gold produced.
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